About Russian Socks

You don’t have to tell Russians about cold…

I was born in Kirgizstan and moved to the heart of Russia in my later life and believe me when I tell you, I know what it’s like having cold feet! When I finally moved to the west, several years ago, my suitcase was brim full of super warm woollen clothes.

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Suitcase full of wool…

My new Dutch and Belgian friends were all anxious to learn where I got all these deliciously warm woollen socks and gloves, pleading with me to bring some Russian woollen socks, gloves, leg warmers or some such back for them from my next family visit to Russia.

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Straight from the workshop …

And so, it started and after a while, Russian Socks was founded. My whole family, kid brother, mama and Babushka, own a shop selling clothes in Russia and the help me finding the best sources for my collection. This enables me to buy the best products directly at the best knitting workshops. Hopefully, you will find them to your liking!

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