Wool is Wonderful

Russian Socks - Wol drogen

Drying Wool

The best way to dry your wool is to fold them in a dry towel and to gently roll it. Wringing out your wool is a very bad idea, because…
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Russian Socks - Wol wassen

Washing Wool

We are all very attached to the comforts of modern living, but please think before you put your wool cloth-stuffs in your washing machine. Fortunately, wool doesn’t require frequent washing,…
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Russian Socks - Wol isoleert, zelfs nat

Wool Isolates, Even Wet

The core of the wool fiber can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture. Only when wool is saturated with more than 60% of its own…
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Russian Socks - Wol is vlekbestendig

Wool is Stain Resistant

Because the surface of the wool fibers contains a waxy coating, it is water-repellent and spilled substances can be removed before they can penetrate the wool. Even if a stain…
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