Wool is Wonderful

Russian Socks - Wol is temperatuur regulerend

Wool is Temperature Regulating

Wool is well known for its warmth, but what few people know is that wool is frequently used as insulation against heat too! For instance, the Bedouin tribes in the Sinai wear heavy wool robes in order to protect themselves against the smoldering heat in the desert. Wool keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you cool in the heat. Wool fabrics insulate much better than other natural or synthetic fabrics and transmit less heat or cold. You can wear wool in bitter cold or stifling hot circumstances and still be comfortable.

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Russian Socks - Wol drogen

Drying Wool

The best way to dry your wool is to fold them in a dry towel and to gently roll it. Wringing out your wool is a very bad idea, because that will take the shape right out of your wool cloth-stuffs. Best lay them out nice and in shape on a towel or clean surface. Direct sunlight is not very beneficial and neither is laying them on your heater or radiator, because this will seriously shrink your wool and will get it out of shape.

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Russian Socks - Wol voorkomt luchtjes

Wol Prevents Odors

Most synthetic clothing fibers strengthen body odors, because they are a breeding ground for bacteria. Sweat itself is odorless. It’s the bacteria that make you “smell like sweat”. Wool reduces the chance of odors for an important part, because the fibers quickly absorb the sweat and releases it to the air. Unlike most other natural and synthetic fibers, wool does not retain moisture or odors. Simply hang it out and let it air and your wool socks are fresh again! In addition, the outer layer of the wool fiber contains a high concentration of fatty acids with antibacterial properties.

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Russian Socks - Wol wassen

Washing Wool

We are all very attached to the comforts of modern living, but please think before you put your wool cloth-stuffs in your washing machine. Fortunately, wool doesn’t require frequent washing, so an occasional hand-wash isn’t that much of a chore. Use cold water, but never warm or hot! If really needed, try lukewarm water. We advise you to use a special wool-wash detergent en instead of rubbing the fabric, just pinch and kneed it. Wool will last you a long time, but rubbing breaks the fibers and will make it deteriorate much faster. After washing, just rinse with cold water until all the soap is gone. Don’t let it soak for more than 5 minutes.

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